Sunday, February 21, 2010

Lab B1: Jump x 2

This was a brief jump rope lesson regarding the double (basic jump). I believe that I did a fairly good job with this lesson. It was a very basic skill, so there was not much I could do with trying to explain what to do. With such a simple task, it would have been good to offer challenges for the skill, but my main objective was to give good feedback to the students.
Looking at my feedback analysis and transcript, I was able to give more specific feedback this time around, but it was not varied. It would be best if I had a list in advance of what I want to see from the students. This would help checking off what someone is doing right or wrong. For the next B lab, I will prepare myself with specifics for giving feedback, as well as more expanded lesson. This is especially important because the next task will be a lot more difficult. The audio of this lesson can be heard here!

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