Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lab A2 : Here We Go Again

Lab A2 was meant to be a revamped lesson of our first lesson (a disastrous one in my opinion). This time I was able to prepare myself with the lesson, having a plan that would fit within the 4 minute span. There certainly was no doubt on how I used my voice. It was loud and clear the entire time, which grabbed the attention of all of the students. For the actual lesson, I had the students do progressions so that they can ease in to the actual lay up skill. I did not drag any of them on for long since I overlooked the amount of time I had during the last lab. Another problem I had last time was the amount of waiting time. All of the drills I had required the majority of the class to wait. To fix this problem during the lay up drill, I had the students either dribble a basketball or practice there lay up form while waiting on line. This kept everyone active during the entire drill.
Even though I made improvements in some areas, I still had some faults in the lesson. One would be that I forgot to state the skills. I was planning to tell the students right before the actual lay up drill. The cues I was going to say were "jump left foot, shoot right hand". Short and simple. This would have certainly been useful but unfortunately I failed to mention them. Another fault of mine was the amount of feedback given to the participants. I had trouble trying to compile feedback for students as the lay up drill moved quickly. Some students received feedback, but it was mainly general feedback. The last fault I had was the conclusion. I will admit that I was unprepared for it and I'm positive that it was clear to everyone else. Next time I will have something in advance.

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