Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lab A2.5: Here We Go Again.....Again

So after the unfortunate event of my original video being corrupted *coughYangcough*, I took the opportunity to do my lesson again. This time it was with the entire class and no materials, but I think I handled the situation well. I knew I had made a few mistakes with my original lab, so now was the time to fix them. Overall the lesson went well.
I made sure I taught the cues to the lay-up, which are "left, right, jump". I used these cues numerous times in the lesson to make sure everyone remembered what to do. My voice was definitely loud enough for the class for all instructions and kept the flow of the lesson consistent.
In terms of giving feedback, I still struggled to give specific feedback. It was mainly general feedback being given out, such as "good job". I find it difficult to evaluate everyone during a rather fast pace drill. For future lessons, it would be good for me to give an individual useful feedback without worrying about watching the next person in a drill. If I worry about watching every individual, then I will not be able to give constructive feedback.
Being concerned with the people performing the lay-ups also distracted me from paying attention to the people in the lines. To avoid waiting time, I had one line practice their form. First of all, I should have told both lines to do something. I would of had the lay-up line practice dribbling but alas we had no basketballs balls. Second, the rebound line stopped practicing their form after a while and I did not even notice. I should be paying attention to all aspects of the activity. Since there was a substantial amount of students, I should have made two separate groups so that everyone had more opportunities to try out the skill.
Regardless of my flaws, this was a good experience for me. I am feeling more confident when teaching in front of everyone. I know that I will improve from my flaws after more teaching experiences.

Time Coding
Feedback Analysis

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  1. you are getting better with each lesson you teach. Even though you had to reteach i think you did a great job. the next time you teach try and get more students involved, use the entire gym and both hoops so that the majority of the students are not just standing around.
    with all of your forms try and embed them into a word instead of just saying time coding form..
    keep up the great work!