Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lab C: Curling!

For lab C, I taught curling to the class. This wasn't a TRUE curling lesson as we do not of proper equipment, but adjustments were made in order to learn the technique of curling (for example, using using Arizona Ice Tea jugs as stones). The equipment was put into good use.
Looking at my teaching, I think my strongest point is my introduction. I am able to grab everyone's attention with my hooks and enthusiasm. I have a lot of fun doing it, which is probably why it is effective.
As usual, I made good use of my voice, making sure everyone would be able to hear me. I also feel that my directions were overall distinguishable, even though there were a couple times of confusion due to me forgetting something.
Even though my instructions were good, the Time Coding shows that my instructions took up more than half of the class. This is not good for getting students to be physically active, but curling is more of a technical sport.
Looking at my Feedback Analysis, I only gave a few people feedback, and only half of those were specific. This is an area I still need to work on. I get caught up making sure that everyone is doing the task, I forget to explain to people what they are doing right or wrong. It usually takes someone to do something completely wrong for me to correct them. Hopefully I will be able to give more feedback during my next lesson.
Other aspects of the C-9 form I forgot to do were intratask variation and challenges. I had prepared myself before the lesson to use them but they slipped from my mind. This is most likely due to my poor judgment of time. I had a watch on but I did not use it to my advantage. Having a stop watch may be more beneficial for time management. Even though time was not too big of an issue, next lesson I hope to not forget any important aspects.
My video, lesson plan, and task progressions can be viewed below:

Lesson Plan

Task Progressions

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