Saturday, April 3, 2010

Leadership hours.....the beginning

During my Spring Break, I was able to volunteer at my church to acquire leadership hours. This included the Friday night youth program called Awana and two sessions of Sunday school. The total hours I received added up to be 5 hours.
March 12th was the day I helped at Awana. Normally the kids are split up according to grade level, but this was a special day with some presenters. The beginning and end comprised of me keeping control of a group of kids in the pews. At one point the children engaged in a few games, one of which was rock, paper, scissors tag. I participated along and helped those who were having trouble figuring out what they were supposed to do. The evening lasted around 3 hours.
On March 14th and 21st, I assisted in leading the 1st-4th grade class. The class consisted of stories, lessons, craft activities, and a video. All in
which I helped with. Taking these opportunities have definitely helped improved my role as a leader. Leading and maintaining the children is something that I will have to do as a physical educator. Each class lasted for an hour, bringing my total hours so far to 5.

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