Monday, December 7, 2009

Lab 6: Tis The Season!

Lab 6 was our last day at St Mary's and it consisted of a Christmas theme. Although it was early in December, we all came in dressed up Christmas themed and came prepared with new activites for the children. Our group was assigned to the Pre-K once again for the day.
We started off in their classrooms, simply playing with them all. The boys I met up with were building with the blocks. I was soon introduced to a game that involved directional intructions from an electronic device. The device would say what color cones you had to slam on top of. This involved the children to listen to the chosen colors to slam and act quickly to get a short time. They were not concerned with the timed score, especially since some of the girls were slow about approaching the game. The kids were really anxious to play the game as everyone waited their turn to do a round.
It eventually became time for activities in the gymnasium. After a brief period of setting up, we were ready to explain the Christmas themed obstacle course. The kids would start off going through a path of stacked mats, which were decorated with candy canes and bells. The path continued through red and white jump ropes, leading to a field of shiny bows that the kids had to creep through. Next, there were numerous spots that needed to be jumped to each one. The last part was a bowling activity where you had to roll a rubber ball to knock down the liter bottles. We also had the kids vary up going through the pathway, such as galloping and going backwards. This was necessary as everyone was starting to get bored to the same movements over again. The problem with the last part is that the line tended to build up for waiting to bowl, thus creating inactivity time. Overall, the Pre-K enjoyed the activty. If they were an older group, it certainly would not have suited them since the it was not a complex activity. None the less, it was enjoyable for them all. Even though we have spent little time with these kids, I will miss them as they were enjoyable to work with.

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