Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lab 5: Thanksgiving Time!

Lab 5 at St Mary's was Thanksgiving themed, where people dressed up as pilgrims and had some Thanksgiving themed activities. My group was not assigned to a particular group of kids, but we helped out other groups' activities. The first game I helped out with was a game called Muk, in which a one person needs to make his partner laugh who is dribbling a basketball. The problem with this game was that the kids were not able to dribble a basketball while looking forward at their partner.
The next game I helped out with was a pass to score type game with a basketball and then a soccer ball. The kids enjoyed playing this but it got a bit out of control at times. The leaders of the group did not enforce space between people or passing to score in the end zone. The last group's activity was with the Pre-K, and was a "continuous" obstacle course. The point of the activity was to get through the obstacles and pick up a food cut-out to give to the plush toy of Clifford the dog. This adjustment of the game made it relate to Thanksgiving as they were giving the food for the dog to eat. Even though they found this to be amusing, you can say the kids became a little too thankful. The kids took more food then they were supposed to each time around, requiring us to constantly bring the food back for people to pick up again.
To finish off the day, my group led the chicken dance. Except we changed it to the turkey dance to fit the Thanksgiving theme. The only problem with this is that we did not instruct them to specifically move around during the intermission sections. Other than that, the dance went well. I am certainly looking forward for the last lab at St Mary's.

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