Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lab A1: On The Spot Lesson

1. After reviewing my video, I believe that the hand gestures that I incorporated helped my teaching as it kept the attention of the students. I was able to get everyone's attention in the beginning with my voice, but it could have definitely been louder.

2. The one thing I need to improve on is timing and instruction. This lesson had to come from the spur of the moment, so it would have been more organized if prepared in advance. Another thing that should be improved is the presentation of the skill by overemphasizing the motions and techniques.

3. Being more organized is very important for any type a lesson. You need to be on top everything so that the lesson can go in a constant flow. This way you have the student's attention consistently and they don't drift off into doing something else. Overemphasizing the skills would also be beneficial to students as it will show them what to exactly do. If you position yourself clearly, then students will have a hard time trying to follow your technique.

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