Saturday, May 15, 2010

Letter to Superintendent

Dear Superintendent,
It has come to my attention that our Physical Education program is becoming stale. The students are becoming quite bored with the same activities every year and would like to become acquainted with something. My proposal to this problem is to add a dance unit in the P.E. curriculum. Not the type of recreational dancing that kids tend to dislike, but more modern dancing that is associated with today's popular music. Being able to dance to enjoyable songs would certainly motivate the students to become physically active. The benefits would include receiving a good cardio work out, being able to socialize with friends, and discovery a life time physical fitness activity.
In addition to including the dance unit, it would be valuable to add a dance studio to the facility. This would be needed to maximize the learning for the activity. The studio would include a smooth wooden floor, which is needed for smooth transitions during dances. It would also need a long mirror so that the teacher may teach the class in the same direction and still be able to keep an eye on everyone. If the mirror were to be missing, then the teacher would have to teach facing the class, making it more difficult for the students. I know this is a huge move for the school, but perhaps we can start small. We could start off with getting a long mirror set up in the gym that could moved or covered. If we see this being a success, then we could move on to planning a bigger expansion.
I hope you take this proposition in consideration and realize how beneficial this addition would be for the student body. Thank you for your time.
Phil DeHuff

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