Sunday, May 9, 2010

Conclusion in Leadership hours

In addition to the hours I put in at my church, I just concluded my intramural soccer season as acting captain. The reason I say acting captain is because I am not the person who signed and put the team together. However, with my previous soccer experience. I took hold the team and lead it to numerous victories.
The season started at a slow point since we lost our first 3 games. At this point, it was obvious that we needed to make changes as a team. I began me role as acting captain by explaining what we needed to do in order to come on top, such as marking opponents and calling out open passes. Little by little, our team worked these improvements and started winning games. Our record for the regular season ended up being 3-3.
Playoffs were now here and everyone on the team was now confident that we could make it to the top. In preparation, I started having practices so that we could strategize and touch up on our skills. The practice paid off as we won our first game in the playoff bracket. Unfortunately we did not make it passed the next team. However, this only prevented us from winning the all school league. We were now put in the rec league playoff bracket for another chance of victory. We ended up winning the first game in the bracket, thus leading us into the championship game. In the end, we ended up with a 0-2 heartbreaking loss. I explained to everyone to keep their heads up as we played a great game against a good team. Not to mention the game was on a turf field, which was a new environment for everyone. I also told them how we improved immensely as a team since we started the season off with losses. Next year holds more opportunities for us and I look forward to leading my team again. This season gives me a substantial amount of leadership hours needed for the course.

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